- GEPL can supply reactors for food processing ,chemical processing,pharmaceutical processing.
-Reactors pharmaceutical / food can be supplied with GMP standards & manufactured as per ASME – BPE.
-We can supply reactor with sealed insulation with ss cladding.
-Maximum capacity of reactors supplied so far are up to 30000 ltrs with limpet coil & jacketed construction.
-Material of construction used are all grades of stainless steel,carbon steel,boiler quality steel & plain carbon steel.
-Reactors with internal coils & wide variety of impeller construction can be supplied.
- GEPL make agitators are manufactured to facilitate the mixing of liquids, solids, gases dissolving in a tank.
-We can supply wide variety of configurations of impellers to solve the specific needs.
-Material of construction used are all grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, MS+RL.
-We supply agitators shaft sealing with gland & stuffing box and or mechanical seal.
-Choice of drive like pneumatic motor/single phase/3phase electric motors can be given.
-We do supply portable agitators also to meet requirements of R & D or laboratory.
- At GEPL we mainly manufacture shell & tube exchangers & pipe in pipe heat exchangers.
-Shell & tube type heat exchangers are mainly manufactured as per ASME & TEMA standards.
-Materials of construction used are all grades of stainless steel, mild steel, copper, alluminium.
-Until now we have manufactured heat exchanger of maximum capacity of 550 sqm.
-Heat exchangers as per GMP standard with sealed insulation , double tube sheet & U TUBE type is also manufactured.
- We manufacture distillation columns upto 20 mtrs height & 2 mtr diameter can be supplied with skirt & lug support configuration in MS & SS construction.
-Columns can be manufactured to suit straightness & internal diameter tolerances to meet tray support or structured packing requirements.
- We manufacture pressure vessels to conform requirements of ASME SEC VII Div-I & is 2825.
-Pressure vessels are manufactured by GTAW (Tig ) welding process to achieve radiography requirements 100%. Both vertical & horizontal pressure vessels with plain, jacketed , limpeted construction can be supplied.
- We manufacture storage tanks to conform requirements of IS 803 & API650.
-Maximum capacity of storage tanks supplied so far are up to 100,000 ltrs shop fabricated.
-Materials of construction used are all grades of stainless steel, carbon steel & MS+rubber lined.
-We also supply horizontal underground storage tanks on steel or concrete saddles.
-Horizontal storage tanks with heating coils outside , limpet coil or jacket can be provided.
- Ribbon blenders, double cone blenders, industrial mixers are manufactured, with our own standards in carbon steel & stainless steel to meet customer specifications.
-Nutch filters, basket filters, extractors , fermenters ,evaporators are manufactured in wide variety, to meet customer specifications & technical requirements.
-We also supply skid mounted systems with interconnecting piping complete with reactors, condensers & receivers with control panel for pilot plants.
-We also manufacture vessel & heat exchangers in different grades of aluminum & copper constructions & have experienced welders & welding procedures to meet the stringent requirements.
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